Permission To Leap

Angela Bull and Johnny Schumacker at play in our first research and development session for Skin Tight by Gary Henderson. Held at St.Andrew’s Church through help from The Young Vic, there are under-readers just out of shot and this was their first time on their feet with the text. Photo by Andy Colbourne

Ahead of our first rehearsal for Skin Tight (tomorrow!) it seems fitting to write a quick thought I had after the workshop I ran for Transmission last week.

Whilst it was about how brilliant under reading and emotional release work is, as I learnt it and have developed it on for myself from Brian Astbury, what actually came out was a workshop about permission.

Permission to leap, to jump off a cliff into an idea, to make an extreme choice and see where it takes you. Permission to grasp hold of the text and ride it. Ultimately permission to fuck up.  Surely this is what some of rehearsal time is for? Only by getting it wrong, by jumping on the wrong bus, by taking that weird dark alley can you feel and understand what’s right. If you never take the risk you may never find anything at all.

I talked a lot I think about it.  In ways it almost felt rebellious as I encouraged the room to seize the exercises for themselves and either make them work or reject them entirely. To take back rehearsal time to be adventurous especially if your under pressure for time. Make Bold choices which will excite your director and create energy amongst your fellow actors. As Brian writes..

It’s all about energy. Set energy in motion and things happen. The text and what lives beneath it’s surface, will give that energy direction and focus.

I truly believe the above. Actors be brave and your directors will love you more for it.

To my cast of Skin Tight…we’re on the edge of that cliff. Now leap.


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