11 Days to go! Meet my Skin Tight – Designer

All in a day’s work for your designer

Name: Jesssamy Wilson-Pepper

Role within Company: Production Designer

Your Background?

I have a background in Theatre Design and administration. (Jemma: ‘Do you want to elaborate on that?’ Jess: ‘No’. )

How did you get involved with Skin Tight? 

I worked with Angie, many years ago, at the White Bear Theatre on a play where dreadful things were done to her and I was impressed! She asked me if I would like to work on Extremities with her, Epsilon’s production in 2010, which I did.  I knew she had been brewing on this one so long and so when she asked me to get involved with the research and development stage I couldn’t refuse.  And then she got me drunk and kept asking me back on it – first for the show in Exeter and then Stockbridge and then this year for the Park.  (She only really had to ask once to be honest – it’s very exciting!)

Favourite memory of rehearsals/show/tour from last year?

There are so many because it was totally splendid the whole way through! I loved the fact that we went on a seaside R & D session and went and found proper barley and corn to go on the set (see photo above). I really liked working at the Cygnet in Exeter as everyone were total angels and I liked the fact that even though Angie and Johnny were so injured (Johnny had food poisoning and a broken heart and Angie had bruises all over her body) they still went on and the audience cried they were so good.

What are you up to at the moment? 

I am currently covered in shit (almost literally) painting a floor in Angie’s garden – set building for round 3! And I suppose I’m avoiding my work for the Notting Hill Carnival, as I am also meant to be painting a set of giant wings and then 11 smaller ones for some carnival divas.

Tom and Elizabeth share a lot of their own memories in the play what’s your favourite childhood memory?

A particularly strong one is luring a donkey over to a fence and then riding it very slowly all around a field all by myself.  The donkey was unwilling but also greedy.  Oh and herding sheep!

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just beautiful – wait til you see the real thing


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