10 Days to go! Meet my Skin Tight – Producer and Actress!

Looking buff on the beach after Skin Tight Workouts

Name: Angela Bull

Role within Company: Producer & Actress

Your Background?

I realised I wanted to start acting when i was 7. I held onto that dream and there are still skid marks outside my house in Sutton Coaldfield from when I scooted down to London when I was 17 to go to drama college. In the bid to find interesting work and to maintain work I set up Epsilon Productions in 2006 as a vehicle for myself and to network within the business. I have maintained an equal balance between independent acting and Epsilon Productions ever since.

How did you get involved with Skin Tight?

In 2006 I was employed by Megan Finlay, a directing student at DSL, to be one of the two professional actors to work on her half yearly project, which was Skin Tight. We rehearsed it for three weeks for one performance and it was criminal. I fell in love with the piece so much that i knew then that i had to do a full dedicated run of the piece, and it has taken me until now to find the right team. All good things are worth waiting for.

Favourite memory of rehearsals/show/tour from last year?

Finding ourselves in a sticky situation of losing one of our team 48 hours before leaving London to go on tour and finding a replacement lighting designer! Jemma needed to video the show to dropbox to him for him to watch on the train from Oxford to Exeter Whilst Jemma was videoing the rehearsal with full emotion and drama a member of public walked by and thought an attack was happening in the building and called the police. So one sticky situation leading to another! oops!

What are you up to at the moment?

All focus is on Skin Tight at the moment as both a producer and as an actress. Currently re-building the set in my garden!

Tom and Elizabeth share a lot of their own memories in the play what’s your favourite childhood memory?

It was the hideous winter of ’76. When I was seven I built a three roomed igloo with my sister in the beautiful grounds of a medieval manor house that I grew up in with my parents running it as a public house.

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