9 days to go! Meet my Skin Tight – Photographer

Finding that perfect moment – Mr Colbourne

Name: Andy Colbourne

Role within Company: Photographer

Your Background? :

I currently live in London and discovered a passion for Photographing ‘stuff’ from my Dad when he brought me my first SLR way back in 1979. Since then i’ve been lucky enough to photograph tons of great‘stuff’ I’ve even won a few awards for some that ‘stuff’ so I hope to continue doing this ‘stuff’ for sometime.

How did you get involved with Skin Tight?

I was first asked by Epsilon  productions to photograph their multi award nominated play ‘Extremities’, I loved it and love working with them. I’ve been working with them ever since and long may it continue.

Favourite memory of rehearsals/show/tour from last year? :

Shooting the Skin Tight trailer last year was great fun, loosing a bet to the lead man John Schumacher and having to  eat an old pickled egg as the forfeit was not the greatest moment of my life.

What are you up to at the moment?

Taking one day at a time, with a fresh baked cookie a cup of coffee, maybe some chocolate but I promise to take my vitamins.

Tom and Elizabeth share a lot of their own memories in the play what’s your favourite childhood memory?

Running around with water pistols in 1976 the hottest summer recorded ever!!…happy days.

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Sponsor the Show here

Another beautiful moment captured that was to become our poster and the front cover of the published script by Methuen


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