8 days to go! Meet my Skin Tight – Lighting Designer

Moby-Dick 047

Planning & Plotting

Skin Tight Creative Artist Profile

Name: Sherry Coenen

Role within Company: Lighting Designer

Your Background? Trained as a dancer till 14, then got into acting (was terrible), but through a tech theatre course that all acting students had to take at uni…discovered I was quite good at painting with light.

How did you get involved with Skin Tight? I was introduced to them by another company thinking of taking a show to the Park.

Favourite memory of rehearsals/show/tour from last year? Oooh tough one.  I have only come on board this year to Skin Tight so my memories are linked to other pieces…  Running through a bluebell wood in Colchester while out there for rehearsals.  Basically most of my fave memories are of running in the countryside while on different shows.  Or I really loved the swinging hurricane lamps in Moby Dick.

What are you up to at the moment? Lighting ‘Githa’ at the St James Studio

Tom and Elizabeth share a lot of their own memories in the play what’s your favourite childhood memory?

My grandpa backing the tractor into the pond on his farm after taking us fishing so me and all the cousins would scream blue murder as the water came up through the bottom of the trailer thing he had us riding in (it hitched onto the back of the tractor).  He did it every single time and yet we were always so surprised.

B4 photos 009

“It was so hard to find a picture for you. My job is to not be seen!”

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