3 Days To Go!! Meet my Skin Tight – Intern!



Georgia Kitty Povey


Role within Company:

Part of Work experience, therefore I have been observing each job role which is involved within the company. In addition, I have produced photos of the rehearsals, creating a photographer role. (One of my photos is below)


Your Background:

I have studied Performing Arts at GCSE and I am now currently studying Theatre Studies at A Level at Prince Henry’s Sixth Form. I have been involved in other plays working back stage and acting, also I have photography experience, by also taking photos for other companies.


How did you get involved with Skin Tight?

I got involved through Angela Bull for my work experience and have been observing each role and gaining a lot of experience from their expertise.


Favourite memory of rehearsals/show?

My favourite memory has to be observing the different warm up techniques and the different techniques to help develop on the play. In addition, observing the way the play has been brought to life. Furthermore, meeting all the members of Epsilon “Skin Tight”.

What are you up to at the moment?

At the moment I am doing the finishing touches on the photos that I took during rehearsals to create a finishing piece.


Tom and Elizabeth share a lot of their own memories in the play what’s your favourite childhood memory?

My favourite childhood memory would be participating as a lead vocalist in a community band which contained over 40 musical members and going on tour to Bruges and performing in front of hundreds of people and signing cd’s for them.





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