The Last Days

Directed by James Moll and Produced by June Beallor and Kenneth Lipper in 1998. The film tells the stories of five Hungarian Jews during the Shoah. It focuses on the horrors of life in the nazi concentration camps, but also stresses the optimism and desire to survive of the survivors.

What makes it unique is the insight into how the Hungarian Jews couldn’t believe it was happening, but also how they firmly believed it could never happen to them as Hungarians.

I was directed towards this film by Mike Lees ( as part of my ongoing research into the play ‘The Visitor’ by Peter Lantos. It is a difficult watch, but only because of the incredibly raw emotions that come flooding through the screen. It is a reminder that we cannot forget, especially when such horrors continue around the world still. As one of the survivors says ” The holocaust has to be taught as a chapter in man’s long history of inhumanity to man.”

#ResearchFind #2


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