Time Out ★★★★ “A vivid and startling production from director Jemma Gross, which showcases a talented and deeply compassionate new writer.”
WOS ★★★★“A fine piece of challenging theatre”

Entertainment Wise ★★★★ “Everyone – actors, writer, director, designers – [are] on their A-game and the big crescendo is really quite distressing to watch… Come the final bows it’s all fallen dramatically and rather chillingly into place. We’ll be looking to the ceiling with dread next time we call in for fried chicken, that’s for sure.” 
The Upcoming ★★★★“”Though it makes for uncomfortable viewing at times, you will struggle to tear your eyes from it… The cast are excellent without expection… An entertaining rollercoaster of claustrophobia and a deeply affecting study of a topical and important issue, Chicken Shop is a play that you simply need to go and see “


British Theatre Guide “meticulously directed by Jemma Gross”

Press for Crystal Springs by Kathy Rucker at Park Theatre

“…an acutely intelligent play about cyberbullying… highly recommended.” ★ ★ ★ ★ Independent [Read the full reviewe here]

“The acting of the all-female cast is of a very high standard and excellent in places.” ★ ★ ★ ★  WhatsOnStage [Read the full reviewe here]

“All of the actors impress… Subtle conversational scenes brim with subtext: mere words contain catastrophic power, Rucker shows us. Weapon-like words, wielded in particular by girls, can wound – can kill.” ★ ★ ★ ★   The Upcoming [Read the full reviewe here]

“Epsilon Productions’ take on Kathy Rucker’s Crystal Springs encapsulates many of the issues discussed, in a singular, gripping narrative.” ★ ★ ★ ★ Female Arts [Read the full reviewe here]

“An all-female tour-de-force that hits with hurricane-like impact from the opening scene… the only thing ‘Crystal Springs’ needs now is a longer run.” Tolitas Musings [Read the full reviewe here] – See more at:


“Director Jemma Gross draws out rich performances, It’s a top class production, right through”
★★★★★ What’s On Stage on SKIN TIGHT by Gary Henderson at Park Theatre, July 2014

“The action here requires trust between the two actors on a level which is quite staggering. This is a consummately professional and exceptional production on every level.”
★★★★★ London Theatre Guide on SKIN TIGHT by Gary Henderson at Park Theatre, July 2014

“Haunting,powerful & absorbing. This production will leave you with goosebumps, a pounding heart & a guilty feeling that you have just witnessed something private.
★★★★★ West End Wilma on SKIN TIGHT by Gary Henderson at Park Theatre, July 2014

Jemma Gross’s production is stunning”
★★★★ British Theatre Guide on SKIN TIGHT by Gary Henderson at Park Theatre, July 2014

‘Well directed by Jemma Gross, they move fluidly between their roles, facilitating an unexpectedly fast pace and an enormous diversity of perspectives. A joyous, even-handed and moving portrayal … deftly balancing tragic and comic moments.‘                                                                                        A Younger Theatre  on To Freedom’s Cause by Kate Willoughby, Tristan Bates Theatre (UK Tour), 2013

‘Refreshingly, the Salon Players’ take on the festive classic is accessible and hilarious. I’ve seen versions of Twelfth Night several times before, but this is the first adaptation where I’ve laughed at all the jokes and understood every plot point’                                                                             Islington Gazette  on TWELFTH NIGHT by William Shakespeare, Salon Collective, Hoxton Hall, December 2012

‘Shakespeare purists might not appreciate all of the liberties the breakfasters take, but it is difficult to see how this could be much better as an introduction to his storytelling in a hugely amusing and fast moving way. Highly recommended.’                                                                                          ★★★★ Public Reviews on SHAKESPEARE FOR BREAKFAST, C Venues, Edinburgh Festival 2012

‘Jemma Gross’s direction takes a sharply original path with prescient cultural references such as Boris Johnson cycling past to make this show relevant and more importantly full of fun.’ ★★★★Remote Goat on SHAKESPEARE FOR BREAKFAST, C Venues, Edinburgh Festival 2012

‘it is bursting with vitality, achieving a pace that some molasses-down-a-gradual-incline Chekhov shows should envy.’                                                                                                                               Extra Extra on 100% Comedy 100% Chekhov Bridewell Theatre 2010

‘Jemma Gross deals with devices such as the wax corpses and copious violence with sensitivity, never allowing the production to swerve into Grand Guignol. This production is clever, well-played, intelligently directed, and certainly worth the trip to the White Bear.’                                                 UK Theatre Network on THE DUCHESS OF MALFI by John Webster, The White Bear Theatre, March 2009


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